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Our Mission

Our core purpose is to add value to our clients and their prospective clients by providing quality and professional photography services that is beyond the current industry standard. We want to give our clients an edge in this fast-paced and saturated environment.

Our Team

LK Truong

Operations Executives

Lynn and Khang Truong together have a burning desire to make a difference. Each has a different background; Khang graduated from UC Davis with a Biochemistry degree with an intent to pursue a career in Medicine and Lynn graduated from Foothill College in Dental Hygiene who was involved with the dental association and used her expertise to educate and volunteer in local organizations. This husband-wife team is currently active with the nonprofit Vietnamese Voluntary Foundation and plays a role in the Operations Team for the massive annual cultural event. From growing up in the Silicon Valley, Khang has always been intrigued with advancing technology that inspired him to learn coding and attended conventions to be fully immerse. With their working experience and skills with the nonprofit entities, they now enjoy leveraging new technologies to better serve clients and the real estate industry.

Jonny Vu


Jonny Vu has 8 years of engineering experience working for Nvidia, Iomega and Seagate Technologies. He has always had a passion for emerging technologies and was able to launch QC Credit Agency, one of the first online Credit Reporting Agencies. As a CRA Jonny was able to work with thousands of real estate agents and brokers. He helped trained them to understand the FICO system and the credit reporting practices of the 3 credit bureaus. Being able to work with RE agents and Brokers these past 18 years, Jonny was able to serve as a credit specialist on many seminars and advisory boards. He sees that stagnant real estate photographs are quickly becoming a thing of the past and virtual reality is the future, it is already changing how industries conduct business and buyers shop for properties.

Joel Bergkamp

Marketing Director

Joel Bergkamp, graduated High school in Santa Clara CA class of 2013. Right after graduating he fell in love with sales and marketing, and started his first small business power washing houses during the summer. He was then approached with a concept known as Direct Sales. He ran with it for a year and half networking healthcare products and traveling around the United States. He is now currently in Arizona finalizing his business and marketing degree.

Gordon Chin

Chief Executive Officer

Gordon Chin attended San Francisco State University and Golden Gate University School of Law, and has a Business Degree and a Law Degree.  He is one of the managing partners at Clear Choice Credit Corp, one of the leading credit reporting providers in the mortgage and lending industry.  He has been running Clear Choice Credit for over 22 years, and is a Certified Credit Expert under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  He is a member of the National Consumer Reporting Association, and serves as an Ambassador for the Silicon Valley California Association of Mortgage Professionals.  Gordon has worked primarily with loan agents and realtors to advise them on how to maximize their client’s credit scores to ensure they obtain the best financing for their home loans.  He has given many lectures and training on credit throughout the nation.

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